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Haworth - West Yorkshire

Haworth village is situated at the edge of the Pennine moors in West Yorkshire, England, the area made famous by the Bronte sisters, known as Bronte country.

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Haworth 1940s Weekend 19th May
Haworth 1960s Weekend 24th Jun

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On this day in 1892
Yesterday afternoon Mr Keir Hardie, MP, addressed a meeting of work people in the open air, near the Haworth railway station. In the evening he spoke at a large meeting in the Keighley Mechanics Institute... and was supported by the officials of the Keighley Division Labour Union, and the local Trades and Labour Council.

The Chairman defended the formation of an independent Labour Party. A resolution to this end and urging the desirability of direct Labour representation upon all our legislative and public administrated bodies.

Mr Keir Hardie M.P., who was loudly cheered, referring to the agricultural conference, admitted that the agricultural class needed protection, but it was protection against the exactions of landlordism and not against the imports of breadstuffs (applause) and this was true also of other forms of industry. He demanded of the State ample provision for the poor unfortunates in the "reserve army" of Labour who had a far greater claim upon the Treasury than the dusky natives of Uganda. Then there must be a reduction of long hours of labour and the abolition of piece- work. The development of the free trade spirit in America portended the early breaking up here of system of private ownership of land and the means of production, and accentuated the need for better organisation among the forces of labour. The resolution was heartily adopted.
Extract printed in The Leeds Mercury, Friday, December 9, 1892

On this day in 1909
Miss Judson who lived at 7 Prospect St Haworth, was cooking a meal when “All t’ime Ah could feel this thing gettin’ heer and heer up mi throit.... Ah just oppened mi math when summat comes aht..”

She claimed that it was the “Haworth Water Wolf” which had lived inside her stomach for 6 years from when she had drank from spring water at Leeshaw; “Ah’d having a sup an’ A’h felt summat slip dahn mi throat wi’ t’watter”.

On this day in 1924
That the Council give their support to proposed film show to be held at the Mill Hey School, Haworth, on Tuesday 9th December 1924, with respect to Venereal Diseases and Tuberculosis.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

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