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Haworth - West Yorkshire

Haworth village is situated at the edge of the Pennine moors in West Yorkshire, England, the area made famous by the Bronte sisters, known as Bronte country.

Annual Events
Haworth Flower and Vegetable show 26th Aug
Remembrance Sunday 11th Nov
Haworth Steampunk weekend 23rd Nov

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Tour de France-2014 Peleton
Tour de France-2014 Caravan
Haworth 1940s Weekend -2014 page 1
Haworth 1940s Weekend -2014 page 2
Tour de France-Yorkshire Festival 2014
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On this day in 1824
The eldest Bronte girls, Maria and Elizabeth were sent to the Clergy Daughters School at Cowan Bridge.

On this day in 1885
"Received from the Midland Railway Company the sum of £13.800 and £756.7.4 being the agreed upon balance payable by them to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Company"

On this day in 1897
Bill o’th Hoylus End died. Real name William Wright, he was born in 1836 at the Hoylus End houses at Hermit Hole which is where he got his pen name.

He mostly wrote in a humorous Yorkshire Dialect and some of his popular works are: History o' Haworth Railway in 1867, and his Howorth, Cowenheead, and Bogthorn Almenak in the 1870s.

“Nivver dee I’ thi shell, owd lad,
Though some may laugh an’ scorn;
There wor nivver a neet afore ta neet,
An’ if blind forten used tha bad,
Sho’s happen noan so meean;
Ta morn al come, an’ then fer some
The sun will shine ageean…”

About Bill o’ th’ Hoylus here...

On this day in 1922
Molly Sugden was born in Keighley. She was best known for playing Mrs Slocombe in the BBC sitcom Are You Being Served? She died on 1st July 2009 aged 86.

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